Our Mission

We’ve made it our mission to provide the community with the best resource of historical information and anything about our town. We’ve put lots of time and effort asking and researching information about our town so you don’t haft to go dig for any information. We Hope you have fun looking around.

About Our Site

Our website NorthernCambria.com was acquired on October 6, 1999 By Lori Blake. The reason this website was made was because Lori was looking for information about our town and she could find anything and she said to her self “I bet others are doing the same thing”.  At The time from about 2000 – 2017 the website contained Borough Information, a Bulletin Board, Committee page, a Community Calendar, News, a Guestbook, a brief History of Northern Cambria, and a Your Links Page”. From about October 2, 2017 to March 1, 2021 there was nothing on the our website. Then our site got redirected to Never-Enuff.net from about March 3, 2021 to May 26, 2022. Then about May 27, 2022 The the website got transferred to Dickie Bradford then we started the website back up and started adding content back on this website. Be sure to check our website everyone once in a wile we will be adding the most information about our town as we can find. So be sure to look at our towns history and events that are happening.